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Bijhem Scientific, Inc. was conceived and incorporated December 2005 in
the State of Oklahoma, to be an innovation centered product development
corporation with a primary focus in nanomaterial based applications.

The aim of the company is to stay abreast in cutting edge research and
to develop scientific intellectual property (I.P.) that will be secured
as patents or maintained as proprietary on a case by case basis. The
objective of the corporation is to secure investment capital and to
leverage its IP through contracts with well established strategic
manufacturing partners to produce state of the art products for
commercial and military markets.

The company’s vision is to secure early revenues through federal
and state grants. The grants provide a stable platform to leverage
the teams’ scientific and business abilities for introducing innovative
and robust products into the commercial market that require minimal
manufacturing modifications. The strategy is geared towards maximizing
intellectual advantages and minimizing high capital expenditures.

The model allows Bijhem Scientific Inc to develop win-win
cooperative ventures with its strategic manufacturing partners and
sustainable independent revenue sources. Bijhem Scientific Inc.encourages
research partnerships between state universities and
the private sector, allowing state faculty and research members to
mutually own technology and profit from research.










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